Welcome to the Pharim website

Launched in 2013, Pharim is an independent and innovative organisation, specialising in the execution of projects and improvement of processes in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Pharim helps companies perform more effectively and efficiently, ensuring they can react rapidly to the continuously changing environment and enabling them to deliver higher quality at lower costs.

Pharim's approach is based on professionalism and commitment. Projects and activities are structured and managed in a clear and consistent manner. Staff and teams are trained and coached during these activities, and results are ensured within the organisation. By making the appropriate agreements and by working in close collaboration with the client in an ongoing process of fine-tuning the performance, projects and improvements become transparent. A project is only finished once the client is entirely satisfied.

Pharim's ambition is to contribute to the development of a healthy life-science industry by way of achieving an ultimate price/quality balance and by doing so, bring excellent Healthcare and food within the reach of everyone.

home_image.pngCosts in the pharmaceutical and food industry are exceedingly high due to the strict regulations governing the sector. However, opportunities do exist here. The proper application of the existing regulations set out in the quality systems does offer possibilities for reducing existing costs. For example, introducing ‘lean' thinking during the design and/or optimisation processes, supported by the further development of staff's leadership qualities, will often lead to more effective and efficient processes. The combination of these applications will eventually result in an operational process characterised by higher quality at reduced costs.